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Limb Bagging (Ozone)

  • concerntrated Ozone Treatment
  • Ozone steam on area of focus
  • Funneling / Cupping
  • Triggers white blood cells
  • Produce antibodies


  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • HIV
  • Cancer


We are solely determined in the improvement in ones health and wellness, that is why with our Blood Group Cards, we can assign a custom healthy eating plan according to a blood group.

Your assigned card will have your Name and Surname along with your Blood Group and a summary of what foods to consume and what to avoid.

This is also beneficial in case of an emergency,

  • Blood Group Identification
  • Healthy Eating Plans
  • Custom Diet Plans
  • Emergency Assistance


  • Dietary Assistance
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Blood Group Requirements
  • Wellness
  • Healthy Living

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